Celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Every year there are two holidays designed to help bring the environmental issues of the world into focus. But why are there two different holidays? And why are they both celebrated in April? We’ll discuss the differences between Earth Day and Arbor Day and ways you can help celebrate.

Arbor Day was founded in 1872 by a Nebraskan State Board of Agriculture member. He started it as a way to repopulate the forests in his home state. Environment stewardship and leaving the earth a better place is the goal of this day. Mainly focusing on reforesting and the impact of trees. Arbor day is celebrated on the same day by most states. This year, it’s April 26, 2019; prime planting time. But each state can set the day to coincide with the best planting time. Hawaii for example, usually celebrates arbor day by planting trees right before their rainy season in November. You can use this link to see when states across America celebrate this day. https://www.arborday.org/celebrate/dates.cfm

Earth Day wasn’t founded until 1970 by a Wisconsin Senator as a way to raise awareness about environmental issues and pollution. It may seem strange to us now, but back in 1970 there wasn’t much thought on these subjects. Earth day is celebrated April 22nd, the day the first national movement took place. Each year a new ‘theme’ is chosen to be the focus of Earth day. 2019’s theme is ‘protect our species’. Themes have ranged from 2018s Plastic Pollution to 2011’s Clean Air. No matter the theme of the year, the main focus of Earth day is to bring issues to light.

Celebrating these special days can be easy. Simply being earth conscious is enough, but if you’re looking to do more. Here are some ideas.

Earth Day:

If able, walk instead of drive- If you live close to your destination, leave a little early and take a walk or bike ride to keep exhaust out of the air.

Recycle- Recycling keeps plastics and other materials out of landfills and cuts down on earth harming production

Bring your own grocery bags to the stores- by bringing your own grocery bags to the store, you save several bags from going out into the world.

Use Reusable cups- Same idea as the grocery bags- Using reusable cups keeps trash out of landfills

Turn off extra lights- why pay for electricity you aren’t using anyway? Keep your lights off when possible to minimize the pollution of creating it.

Unplug your TV or unused appliances- Did you know electronics will use energy just by being plugged in. So even if your Microwave isn’t being used, it’s still drawing electricity by just being plugged in.

Plant a tree- Planting trees (or any type of vegetation) helps with keeping the air clean.

Be a Vegetarian for a day- The high demands of the meat industry have a large impact on the Environment around us. Read more about it here- https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/meat-and-environment/

Arbor Day:

Plant new trees- Create new life for future generations

Tend to endangered trees and plants- Keep endangered trees alive

Cultivate spaces for continued and future tree growth- create new areas for tree plantings

Read up about trees- Honor trees by finding out more about them. You may learn some surprising new facts.  

Attend a class on tree and plant care- Learn how to properly care for new trees

Volunteer with a tree planting organization- volunteering is a great way to give back

Just enjoy the outdoors! – If you’re not able to do much else, just enjoying the outdoors can be a great way to celebrate mother earth.

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