Celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day.

Every year there are two holidays designed to help bring the environmental issues of the world into focus. But why are there two different holidays? And why are they both celebrated in April? We’ll discuss the differences between Earth Day and Arbor Day and ways you can help celebrate. Arbor Day was founded in 1872 Read more about Celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day.[…]

The Benefits of a Real Christmas Tree in Wisconsin

The scent of a freshly cut pine tree adds the perfect touch to the holiday season. Something you can’t get from an artificial tree. Now, we aren’t dissing artificial trees. We know they have their advantages. They’re cleaner, less maintenance and for someone with bad allergies, necessary. But they’re also made from non-biodegradable plastic and Read more about The Benefits of a Real Christmas Tree in Wisconsin[…]

How To Properly Plant Your Tree

So, you’ve chosen a new tree to become part of your landscape. Now it’s time to plant it. Most trees and plants come with planting instructions but in the case that it hasn’t, or you’ve lost them, we’re here to save your day. Planting a new tree should ideally take place during the dormant season. Read more about How To Properly Plant Your Tree[…]

How To Identify A Tree

What Tree is That? How to Identify Your Tree. With about 85 species of trees in Wisconsin alone, determining what type of tree you’ve got in your yard can be a challenge. If you’re like most people, you can look at a tree and tell what the general type is; Maple, Oak, Pine. But how Read more about How To Identify A Tree[…]